What can you expect from Inskin Institute?

We give you personal and expert skin advice, involvement, safety, professionalism and quality. You will be treated by BIG-registered and HBO-trained skin therapists. This means that we act according to government guidelines and only work with safe, certified equipment and products. Beautiful and healthy skin can only be achieved with proven techniques, scientifically based methods, the right knowledge and experience, effective products and high-quality equipment.

At Inskin Institute you are central!

We think it is important that you feel comfortable with the treatment you choose and that it also has the desired effect. If that is not the case, then together we will look for the best solution that suits your skin. Because we are only satisfied when you are too. At Inskin Institute we offer the best medical cosmetic solutions and you are central!

In order to be able to offer care and quality at a high level, we are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists and registered in the Paramedics Quality Register. This means that we are recognized by all health insurers. The world of skin therapy is always in motion, which is why we don't stand still. To stay informed about the most effective and innovative treatments, we do a lot of research and follow many courses.

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  • Sarah Lammers

    Skin therapist

    Sarina Lammers came to work at Inskin Institute in 2022 and this makes the practice a very good skin therapist richer. After obtaining her HAVO diploma, Sarina discovered that she wanted to work in the paramedical sector and likes to get in touch with people. After studying Skin Therapy at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, she gained work experience as a skin therapist in the Randstad conurbation and in October she joined the team at Inskin Institute. Sarina considers honesty and openness to be the most important. She also finds it very important that the customer feels at ease. Sarina always aims to provide the best expert and personal advice to the client that matches the wishes and lifestyle of the client. What she likes about the profession is working with scientifically proven methods and using her knowledge and experience. But the best thing about the profession is the close contact with the customers and the enthusiasm of the customers when the intended result is achieved!

  • Manuela van Trig

    Skin therapist

    Manuela van Trigt, owner of Inskin Institute, has worked in the business world for ten years after graduating from business university Nyenrode. After this career, she changed course and followed her passion. After her HBO course in skin therapy, she gained a lot of practical experience as a skin therapist in the Randstad conurbation and worked with cosmetic doctors and dermatologists. She finds it important that she can give people honest and personal thanks to her knowledge and experience. What adds value to her work is that the result is quickly visible and that people leave the door more confident after a treatment. If she can show people the best version of themselves, her mission is accomplished!

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