In this comprehensive treatment we combine deep cleansing, a peeling that removes dead skin cells, extraction of the pores and the incorporation of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that strongly hydrate and protect the skin. At the same time, we can tackle specific skin problems even better with special boosters, LED therapy and lymphatic drainage.

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HydraFacial treatment

Our skin therapists treat all forms of acne and acne scars. Depending on your situation, the goal is to control the inflammation in the skin and to reduce the resulting skin damage such as redness, large pores and scars. We focus not only on the symptoms of acne, but also on preventing new inflammations.

We will provide you with a personal treatment plan, product advice and nutritional advice. To achieve the optimal result, it is important that you comply with these recommendations.

Our skin therapeutic treatments consist of a deep cleansing, cleansing of the impurities in combination with a medical peeling, IPL treatment or Hydrafacial treatment.

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  • Step 1: Deep cleaning & Exfoliation of red and blue light

    During the first step, the skin is cleaned and dead skin cells are loosened. The peeling that follows ensures that dead skin cells are removed. After that, the extraction of dead skin cells, blackheads and excess sebum that is in the pores takes place.

  • Step 2: Booster + Led Therapy

    During this step we use specific boosters that reach the deeper skin layers. We tailor these boosters to what your skin needs.

    By means of red LED light we stimulate the blood flow of the skin so that the active ingredients are even better absorbed by the skin. The wavelength of light also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which tightens the skin.

    The wavelength of blue LED light provides extra oxygen to the skin, which destroys the acne bacteria. This will reduce pimples and redness and you can prevent the development of new inflammations.

    At Inskin Instiute we work with the Inmode and it is CE and FDA certified.

  • Step 3: Antioxidants & Hydration

    During this step we lock antioxidants and hydration into the skin. Antioxidants are essential for healthy skin as they help reduce the harmful effects of free radicals in the skin caused by UV radiation, stress, smoking, air pollution and unhealthy diet. This protects the skin against premature aging, pigment spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Antioxidants can also hydrate the skin and improve skin texture, making the skin look more radiant and healthy.

Home products

In addition to the HydraFacial treatments that we perform, we advise you to use our home products for the best results. We work with the cosmeceuticals from Dermaceutic and/or Rhenophase. Cosmeceuticals contain active ingredients that have been scientifically researched and proven to be effective. These products may only be recommended by doctors and skin therapists. The products contain active ingredients that have an exfoliating effect and reduce the cornification of the skin, making the skin more permeable and allowing the active ingredients to do their job optimally. The skin will also recover faster after the treatment and you can keep the result of the treatment for longer.

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What effect can you expect?

Due to the powerful cleaning, the skin will feel very clean and look fresh and healthy. The active ingredients of the peeling stimulate cell division, making the skin more even and smooth. This boosts the production of collagen. The red LED light activates the boosters in the deeper skin layers. The blue LED light reduces inflammation in the skin. The antioxidants and deep hydration give the skin that famous 'glow'. Antioxidants protect the skin against harmful external influences. HydraFacial provides smoother, more even and radiant skin.

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Important to know

The HydraFacial treatment has no downtime and gives immediately visible results. It is important not to exfoliate the skin during the first days after treatment and to protect the skin well against the bright sun.

Questions about HydraFacial

How many treatments do I need?

Skin cell renewal takes 28 days. To maintain the condition, we recommend repeating the treatment every 6 weeks or alternating with other skin treatments that stimulate cell division.

Should I use the recommended home products?

The use of recommended home products is essential if you want to maintain the result.

Does the HydraFacial treatment hurt?

No, the HydraFacial treatment does not hurt and is often experienced as very pleasant.

How long does the HydraFacial treatment last?

On average, the treatments last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Is the HydraFacial treatment also safe in the summer months?

Yes, it is safe to go out in the sun before and after treatment. We do advise you to always protect your skin well against the sun with a high protection factor.

Why do I choose Inskin Institute?

At Inskin Institute we give you personal and expert skin advice. You will be treated by BIG-registered and HBO-trained skin therapists. This means that we act according to government guidelines and only work with safe, certified equipment and products. Beautiful and healthy skin can only be achieved with proven techniques, scientifically based methods, the right knowledge and experience, effective products and high-quality equipment. At Inskin Institute we offer the best medical cosmetic solutions and you are central!