Skin analysis with the Observ520X

Would you like to know and measure the condition of your skin? With the Observ520X skin analysis tool we can make a professional skin analysis. The Observ uses advanced technologies, such as UV light and polarized light, to examine the skin's deeper layers.

This way we get detailed information about the health and quality of your skin.

The Observ can measure various aspects of the skin, such as skin texture, wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, pore size, sebum production and moisture content. The measurement results can be saved so that you can compare them over time. This can help you understand your skin's specific needs and visualize the results of the treatments.

Based on the measurement results, we will advise you which skin care products best suit your skin and which treatments give the best results.

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The skin scan with the Observ520X is a simple procedure performed by an experienced skin therapist.

The skin analysis with the Observ is as follows:

  • Skin cleansing: The skin must be completely clean and free of make-up before performing the Observ scan.
  • Photography of the skin: The skin therapist takes pictures of the skin with the Observ. The device uses different types of light, such as UV light and polarized light, to analyze the skin's deeper layers. The whole face is photographed, specific areas can be viewed in detail.
  • Skin analysis: The Observ software analyzes the photos of the skin and displays the results on a computer screen. It looks at skin texture, pigmentation, redness, pore size, sebum production and moisture content. With these results we get a good picture of the condition of your skin.
  • Skin care advice: Based on the results of the Observ, we give you personal advice on the right skin care products and treatments that best suit your skin.
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Important to know

The Observ skin scan is an accurate, simple procedure that provides a detailed picture of the condition of your skin down to the deeper skin layers.

Based on this professional skin analysis, you will receive personal product and treatment advice to achieve the best results.

Questions about the Observ520X scan

Is this skin scan free?

Yes, this skin scan and the skin therapeutic advice is free and without obligation.

How long does a skin scan take?

The skin scan only takes a few minutes.

Will this scan harm my skin?

No, the light that is released is not harmful to the skin.

Why do I choose Inskin Institute?

At Inskin Institute, we give you
personalized and expert skin advice. You will be treated by BIG-registered and HBO-trained skin therapists. This means that we act according to government guidelines and only work with safe, certified equipment and products. Beautiful and healthy skin can only be achieved with proven techniques, scientifically based methods, the right knowledge and experience, effective products and high-quality equipment. At Inskin Institute we offer the best medical cosmetic solutions and you are central!