With the Cosmelan treatment we can safely remove the excessive pigment in the skin. Also the pigment that is located in the deeper skin layers due to hormonal fluctuations. The treatment also inhibits the production of new pigment. The Cosmelan products contain a unique combination of active ingredients that deliver good, proven results.

The Cosmelan approach consists of a professional treatment with a depigmenting mask. This is followed by a home treatment that continues the effect of the treatment and inhibits the production of new pigment. The Cosmelan mask has a direct effect on the subcutaneous process that forms pigment (melanin). It inhibits tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process, blocking the production of new pigment. The Cosmelan mask contains the ingredients kojic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid, arbutin, titanium dioxin and retinyl palmitate (type of vitamin A), all of which inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. All products are perfume free.

Cosmelan cure

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Our skin therapists treat all forms of acne and acne scars. Depending on your situation, the goal is to control the inflammation in the skin and to reduce the resulting skin damage such as redness, large pores and scars. We focus not only on the symptoms of acne, but also on preventing new inflammations.

We will provide you with a personal treatment plan, product advice and nutritional advice. To achieve the optimal result, it is important that you comply with these recommendations.

Our skin therapeutic treatments consist of a deep cleansing, cleansing of the impurities in combination with a medical peeling, IPL treatment or Hydrafacial treatment.

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  • Preparation

    Good preparation with home products ensures the best result. By using certain acids, the skin can get used to it and the cornification of the skin is reduced. This allows the products to be better absorbed by the skin and improves the result.

  • Pre Peeling

    This peeling is applied in the clinic two days before the Cosmelan mask. The pre-peeling ensures that the skin becomes permeable, so that the active ingredients of the mask can be absorbed deep into the skin. This also reduces the chance of side effects.

  • Cosmelan mask

    The Cosmelan mask will be applied by the skin therapist at our clinic. This mask will stay on the skin for 10-12 hours. So you will go home with this mask. After the exposure time you can remove the mask from the skin yourself. After applying the mask you may experience a tingling sensation for a short time. Sometimes the skin can feel a bit dry. After a few days, the skin may start to flake slightly.

  • Control appointment

    A telephone check-up appointment will take place two days after the mask. The skin therapist will then indicate when you can start using the home products.

At home

This treatment includes five home products (worth € 400). You will receive detailed instructions on how to apply the products. In the first month you must apply the Cosmelan product, the Melan Recovery Cream and the Melan SPF130 three times a day. When the products are gone, you can order new products yourself.

In months two and three you apply the products twice a day. In months four to six you only apply the products in the evening. In case of severe pigmentation, there is still the possibility to replace the Cosmelan with Dermamelan during the course. This product contains the same ingredients as the Cosmelan, but is 30 percent stronger. We can extend the process by a few months if necessary.

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What effect can you expect?

After the treatment with the mask, the skin may be a little red and you may experience a slight burning and tight feeling. This is normal up to 48 hours after treatment. The included Melan Recovery Cream can be applied immediately after removing the mask and will reduce this feeling. After this, the controlled exfoliation process of the skin begins. As the course progresses, the flaking of the skin will decrease. It is extremely important NOT to scratch any flakes / skins, NOT to scrub the skin and NOT to use peeling! This can cause long-lasting redness, pink discolorations or scarring of the skin. Avoid direct UV radiation and protect your skin against the sun at all times with the Melan SPF130+.

The best result during the course is achieved between week 1 and week 4. The pigmentation has already decreased significantly and sometimes completely disappeared. The reason to continue the treatment is because then not all the pigment in the deeper skin layers has been reached.

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The first check-up appointment will take place after 1 month. We would also like to see you again after 3 months to discuss progress. We will give you advice for aftercare.

Health insurance reimbursement

Acne therapy is sometimes reimbursed from the additional health insurance. The amount of your reimbursement depends on your insurance. Reimbursement from the additional healthcare insurance does not cover your deductible. Inskin Institute is recognized by all health insurance companies.

Questions about the Cosmelan cure

Is the Cosmelan treatment for the face against pigment spots reimbursed?

Yes, this is seen as a medical indication and is often reimbursed from the additional health insurance. Inskin Institute is recognized by all health insurance companies

From when can I expect results?

You will often experience after a few weeks that the pigmentation is less visible.

What will my skin look like after the treatment and during the course?

The skin may look a little red. You can camouflage this so that you can continue with your daily activities. We can advise you which product is safe and will not disturb the progress of the cure.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, skin therapy is directly accessible care and a referral is not necessary. We are affiliated with all health insurers.

Are the treatments sensitive?

No, the treatments are not very sensitive. Usually you will only experience a mild stinging sensation.

How long do the treatments take?

You have to take into account that you will be with us for about half an hour.

Why do I choose Inskin Institute?

At Inskin Institute we give you personal and expert skin advice. You will be treated by BIG-registered and HBO-trained skin therapists. This means that we act according to government guidelines and only work with safe, certified equipment and products. Beautiful and healthy skin can only be achieved with proven techniques, scientifically based methods, the right knowledge and experience, effective products and high-quality equipment. At Inskin Institute we offer the best medical cosmetic solutions and you are central!